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All members of 30 Minute List automatically become affiliates. To promote the site, you need to become a members so you'll need to start at the front page and create your free account.

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In your profile page, you can add your AUTORESPONDER code so you can collect your leads when you get sign ups. This is one of the unique features of 30 minute list.

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Inside our membership area, go to the "Affiliate Tools" page to find your unique affiliate link (among other promo tools), then simply give away free memberships for 30 Minute List.

When your referrals sign up, they'll be joining your list, and you earn instant commissions directly to your Paypal when they purchase an upgraded membership.

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P.S. About 1 in 10 free members who join 30 minute list purchase an upgrade. The upgrade funnel converts like crazy! This is not a guarantee that you'll make exactly those same results, you could make no money at all, but it pays to promote because you simply give away free memberships, and you're building your list and getting paid when they upgrade!

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